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Insurances, cancellation and gratuity policies

Our vehicles and passengers are fully insured based on the Chinese related traffic laws. Although we have never had any accident for many years of serving our clients due to our strong safety driving enforcements, in any event when you are involved in an accident, you will be compensated by the insurance company based on the insurance coverage. Neither our affiliate nor our company will be financially responsible further for your injury or any other financial loss that may incur to you due to this accident.

If you decide not to use our service, it is your OBLIGATION to CANCEL your request by responding to this email, so we can avoid unnecessary costs such as parking fee, highway toll, gas, driver’s lab cost, etc. In the event of a NO-SHOW, we reserve the right to claim the full amount for the service you have confirmed.

Although gratuities are not required for our services, some drivers feel greatly rewarded if you give them tips for their excellent services such as carrying excessive luggage, etc.

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